Beware of success. It’s the “friend” who knocks you off the runway. It’s the “hand” that guides you into a waterfall. It’s the “feeling” that scares you into submission. Success isn’t bad, per se. But remember, success isn’t your goal. Success means it’s time to feel gratitude. Success means you’ve covered ground you didn’t expect […]


Life is a mystery. Full of pain and misery, yet it is this pain and misery that gives meaning to the happiness we all yearn to achieve. Again, and again, I have wondered, “Why, why has life sent me such strife?” Like a fool, I learn, and then forget the meaning. It is but to […]

A man.

A man isn’t perfect. A man isn’t afraid of letting the world know he feels weak. But feeling weak, and being weak are two different things. When a man is faced with adversity, a man faces it head on. He doesn’t run and hide, he doesn’t lie and cower behind others. He looks adversity straight […]