Beware of success.

It’s the “friend” who knocks you off the runway.

It’s the “hand” that guides you into a waterfall.

It’s the “feeling” that scares you into submission.

Success isn’t bad, per se. But remember, success isn’t your goal. Success means it’s time to feel gratitude. Success means you’ve covered ground you didn’t expect to cover.

But success is not the end. Keep moving.

If you believe that success is the end, the adversities of the future will slip past your gaze. It will become something that “shouldn’t” exist.

But adversity is the path through which we must move. Adversity is the pain that makes us who we want to be.

But doesn’t success mean that we’ve made it? Like, what if we don’t want to move further than what we’ve achieved?

That is the trick of success. It makes you believe that time will stop the “you” that exists in its tracks. That who you’ve become is constant.

That is a lie.

You are always changing.

If you aren’t improving, you are moving in the opposite direction.

Adversity is your friend, and you would be wise to pay attention to it . . . always.

I’m happy for you. I really am. But don’t stop. Keep moving.

But in the case that you do forget. Don’t worry, you’ll get the chance to improve again.

Until then, however, beware of success.

Good luck.

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