. . . wishes

From our fear, we harbor desire.

From our fatigue, we harbor importance.

From our despair, we harbor clarity.

If you follow the route of happiness, you will find yourself colorless. Because happiness isn’t born from void.

Happiness is born from suffering.

From suffering we find ourselves forming opinions about the world, and holding insecurity, but it is because of that suffering that our insecurity means something, it is because of that suffering that there’s something to fight for.

It is because there is hate, that there is a light to fight it.

It is because there is pain, that there is a force to hide it.

Yet, unless we accept the truth of our situation, we can not access the power we hold.

The power of knowing what really matters in the world.

The power of fighting despite knowing that you don’t feel like you can achieve it.

You don’t fight because you want to achieve the goal, you fight because you know that it’s who you are inside.

You fight because the pain has become a beacon of truth, and nothing in the world can hide the truth from you.

And after a century of making wishes, you finally realize that no one can express your truth but you, and so you do, because it’s the right thing to do.

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