A man.

A man isn’t perfect. A man isn’t afraid of letting the world know he feels weak. But feeling weak, and being weak are two different things.

When a man is faced with adversity, a man faces it head on. He doesn’t run and hide, he doesn’t lie and cower behind others. He looks adversity straight in the eye, speaks his truth and runs into the abyss.

That’s all it takes to be a man.

If a man makes it out of the abyss, the only question is whether a man is able to make the journey again, until he finds himself where he wants to be in the world.

Can a man remain a man, or will he surrender his right?

To gain strength, you must first embrace the pain. But gaining strength comes after embracing the pain, when your cells know that you are going into the pain again. And if you get scared and run, the strength will know that you are a liar and avoid your path.

Do you have what it takes to be man?

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