Life is a mystery.

Full of pain and misery, yet it is this pain and misery that gives meaning to the happiness we all yearn to achieve.

Again, and again, I have wondered, “Why, why has life sent me such strife?”

Like a fool, I learn, and then forget the meaning.

It is but to bear the beauty of the pain, and then through its acceptance, push past to observe the spectacle of the happiness that may one day bless me for a second.

And again, I will forget, just like all human beings who remain self absorbed within their own ecosystem.

. . .


Not again!

With this, I, Raghav Mehra, proclaim to the world, that I have understood this lesson and will stand the test of time!

No longer will I forget the importance of the pain that comes my way, the pain that comes the way of all life in this world.

And while everyone must find their own path through the pain, their own meaning of their suffering, until she comes to that realization on her own, I will—like a shield!—hold out for the people who are lost under the rubble of their own pain.

And with my spirit I shall bear, until finally the light of revelation shines upon her and she can climb past the pain.

Then—and only then—shall I relax just a little, in the knowledge that I am now shielding humanity from it’s suffering with the help of the ones that I had once saved.

And again, the cycle will continue, until humanity’s light achieves its final kindle, and the spirit of the millions of people who strived to achieve a happy life—past the pain that is associated with hope—reaches its final resting place

. . . in the darkness of time.

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