The answer to all the answers in life is first and foremost to wait.

We all have our own ways to manifest our destiny, to react to the stimulus of the world and enforce ourselves and desires.

But even in moments in which we must act immediately, our first action must be to wait.

Wait for what, you might ask?

Clarity, the gut feeling, a sign, the truth etc.

Waiting is a sign that we’re ready to receive, and we can only move ahead if we’re ready to give up what we already have.

You can only fill a cup that’s empty.

Our minds aren’t like an empty cup. They are consistently full of desires and insecurities that all have to do with being something we’re not. Although our minds desire the things we do not have, we are unable to act if our minds are full of these desires instead of the wisdom it is here to gain.

But how can we live without our minds to make decisions for us?

While our minds provide awareness and pressure relief, they can not make decisions for us. Instead we must learn to let ourselves come through naturally, to observe our movement instead of dictate it. We must trust that we can live our lives without the scrutiny of our minds.

In order to see something that we could not see before, first we have to stop what we’re doing and allow our focus to move to something extraordinary. We must allow our focus to realize that we already know what to do and that we get in our own ways all the time.

But in order to observe that you already have everything you need and in order to observe that you don’t need your mind to make decisions for you, first we need to stop and wait.

If you wait, everything will come.

If you don’t, you might achieve success, but it will not make you happy. It will not make you happy because you didn’t wait to see what was right for you. You didn’t wait to see that you already knew it.

You didn’t wait to realize your mind really knows nothing at all and as result, you truly know nothing at all.

But if you wait, you’ll still know nothing, but you will experience life as it was meant to be, and maybe from the true experience, you’ll find that it’s ok to trade knowing the truth for experiencing it.

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