Here I stand, looking for an answer.

I ask, “What is it? What am I here to do?”

Clearly, I look for an answer too obvious to notice.

It is past pain that we find our meaning in life, but what pain must we pass? Is it the pain of heartbreak, the pain of the wanderer that I am here to bear?

Just like everyone, I see clearly the other’s strife and struggle and the answer they must grasp, yet my own life is like tome locked in chains, hidden in the mist of time.

Unfortunately, as tempting as the voices of others may sound to me in my painful adventure, I must remain steadfast in my own ways, for it is only through the self that I will truly find my path.

(This lies true for me yet may not be true for all)

Remain strong in the unknown and follow your voice of reason.

Through the pain we will find our answers, and with our answers we will guide others.

Will there be a time when we stop our journey for salvation, and remain content in our—everyday—work?

Perhaps the pain of experience will be my gate for that too.

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