If there’s anything you wish you could do but don’t feel qualified enough yet, what’s stopping you from getting started?

If you want to become a youtube star, are you posting videos, creating videos, and posting it online for everyone to see? Are you afraid that people will think your videos suck, your articles suck, or just that you suck?

Well we all got to start somewhere. I know how scary it can be to do something you want to do, know it’s really bad yet still put it online to be judged.

I think this is an important step in any creator’s life: doing what you thought you couldn’t.

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that anyone can learn how to get better at what they do. But the problem with a lot of the work we do is that it’s not a solo venture. You have to learn how to talk to other people and let yourself be shown even when you know you’re not yet ready to function at a professional level. That doesn’t matter! If you start working with whatever you can do, whatever it is that you wish you could do, that’s the first step towards getting to where you want to be.

Realize that no one is perfect and everyone who is great at something has failed. And not just failed but failed publicly. Failure is a part of life and is a part of the learning process. It’s so integral that the first step in anything you do is to fail. Go out there and fail. When you fail, you can know where you’re supposed to begin from. This is the key with figuring out how to make something come true.

If you’re ever stuck, in your music, in your programming, in your writing process, in life, in relationships, whatever it is, go out there and fail. Observe. Don’t try to look for success, look for the failures. Look for what didn’t work and try to understand why, or better yet, just fail and keep trying again and again. Don’t try the same thing of course, but what I mean is do more of what it is you want to do.

Sometimes we fail not because we are unable but because we aren’t comfortable. We’re scared of doing something wrong or saying something that will get you cancelled, you know what I mean? Maybe everytime you post something vulnerable, everybody you’ve ever known is getting together for the “Ihatethatguy/gal” convention to put your name (and only your name) in the ballot.

Yes, I know how it feels. It’s clear to me that a lot of times we overthink and also overcare about what it means to just do what you want to do. We aren’t perfect and we shouldn’t be expected to be. More importantly, while we are here to share our gifts and lessons with the world, it’s also not as bad as we might think to make a mistake. Most of the time people will ignore what they don’t like which leaves you free to live in a world that is full of what you like doing, even if you know it’s going to need work to get to the place you want to be at.

The truth is that a lot of people speak from the popular voice. They’ll get behind the masses and speak their minds from there. This is why our society is so inundated with toxic beliefs and “put-down” behaviors and it can really feel like society doesn’t want anyone who isn’t perfect to be alive. But you have to realize that this is a defense mechanism. It’s not the populace hurting but the individuals out there. And the source of this defense comes from being uncomfortable with being themselves.

People are afraid of what it means to be weird or creepy or wrong or bad so much that they put this subconscious pressure on themselves: the pressure to be perfect. And if everyone is living like this, it becomes very easy to feel like if you’re not that, then you should just be quiet or at least become that.

That’s not how a normal human being functions. We are all spectrums of a larger whole. We are beings that inhabit both good and bad, happiness and sadness and realizing this can only be to our benefit. This is because we can make the most of what it is we want to be in our lives, we can make the most of what it is we want to create.

I don’t understand how people believe they can get good at something they want to do without ever really doing it. You can’t learn how to speak to an audience through a screen unless you actually do it. It doesn’t matter how many acting classes you take or what your therapist is telling you, there is no inherent part of you that just represents your hidden kingliness and will show the world your inherent worth.

You have to realize what we really have access to are tools. Some of us might have different tools from each other, but just because I give you a hammer doesn’t mean that you know how to use it. You might have the best hammer ever made, that’s great, it has the potential to be really really useful—mainly to you!—but you have to start figuring out what it means to be a carpenter and how that’s going to work for you. You get the point.

That’s why it’s generally better to do things first. I will mention that just because you do something doesn’t mean you will automatically become successful, it takes work and perseverance in order to get better at anything. What we need to learn in life before we can gain any kind of success is the self-acceptance that is required. We need to accept the duality of who we are. We need the self-acceptance that allows us to deal with the pain of life that will inevitably come our way even if we do everything right. Without this understanding, we will always fail, not because we don’t have what it takes but because we’re too afraid to live.

In order to learn this vital skill, getting started, again and again and again is the best way to learn more about who you really are. Once you know that, life becomes a lot easier. Of course, we never really know, but the closer we get the more comfortable we will become at dealing with what is really a normal human experience.

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