I feel like shit.

Warning: This is a rant, proceed with caution.

When things are amazing, we feel like we’re on top of the world.

Well, because, we’ve made it, right?

We’re now the epitome of what it means to achieve. We are here to guide and help others see the way, all because we—!—have figured out how to be happy. We are Dwayne Johnson. Grrr.

But, guess what, feelings go up, and then they go d…d…d…down. And when it goes down, nothing makes sense anymore.

We were supposed to be the guide for the world.
We were supposed to become the beacon of good health.
We were supposed to have rock hard muscles.

But, nah, I feel like shit.
I . . . feel . . . like . . . shit.

So, why am I telling this to you?

Because when things start to go down, more specifically, when things start to feel down, we need to remember that it’s ok. It’s normal. In fact, it’s important, because when we feel shitty, we can see the world with a greater clarity than if everything was up all the time.

But, it only works if we accept how we feel.

It only works if we accept where we are.

I feel like shit.

And for some reason, I just can’t get myself to reach that point. It’s the most painful thing ever, to get myself to admit, “Hey! We feel, like, super shitty today, and that’s ok!”

No, instead we go through, “Hmm, I wonder why I’m not feeling great today” or “Gotta figure out how to improve things.”

No, no, no!
This is all wrong.

Nothing is wrong with feeling bad. Nothing is wrong. Because feeling bad, and feeling good, are both part of the same coin. And, if we didn’t feel bad, we wouldn’t be able to feel good.

But before the coin will find it’s way back into the good side—and eventually the bad side again, grrr—we NEED to stop getting in the way of the bad!

Stop getting in the way of the bad!

You feel bad, I get it, but let it go. Accept it, and let it go!

I feel like shit.

Yes, you do, and there’s no reason to think about things further than that. You feel like shit, and I feel like shit and everyone, everywhere feels like shit, all the time!

But, hey, let’s feel like shit, and get over it. Because feeling like shit is normal, just like how feeling happy is normal. It’s all part of the cycle of experience.

So, yeah, I feel like shit. Can we find the reality to accept it?

I really, really, hope so.

Ranting to spend my time—feeling shitty—productively.

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