Right now I’m focusing on:

Learning the basics of web programming:
Basically this.

Improving my health and gaining strength:
Overcoming Gravity

Training myself to dissassociate myself from experience:

I think sometimes I forget that experience is really just that: something outside of yourself.

Sometimes we experience life and we convince ourselves that it means something about us, like the chaos have any meaning about who we are as people. This is not true.

We live in a world that is full of experience, but none of it really tells us anything about us except that we are here to experience, whatever it is. And if we’re here to experience, then that means that we are here to learn.

We don’t have to change who we are just because experience can be scary sometimes. We don’t have to give ourselves away to others just because experience can be scary sometimes.

It’s important to realize that whatever experience may decide to be in my life, my duty will always be towards myself first and then the world second.

I am not here to live thinking I shouldn’t be, trying to become someone else.

Updated June 30th, 2020.