How To Succeed: ADC (Coming Soong)
A short ebook on how to improve at adc.

I love playing games of every and any kind.
My thoughts on that can be found here.

I don’t yet have a youtube account and/or stream (twitch) but when I do, you’ll see it here.
Here’s the details:

League of Legends:
Account: RealLoki (NA)

Main Role: ADC
Main Champs: Caitlyn, Ashe
Highest Rank: Platinum 2 (Season 9)
Current Rank: Gold 1 (Inactive)

Season 3: Bronze 2
Season 4: Bronze 3
Season 5: Silver 2
Season 6: Gold 1
Season 7: Platinum 5
Season 8: Gold 1
Season 9: Platinum 2
Season 10 (Current)

Super Smash Bros Ultimate:

Main Champion: Ike
Highest GSP: 6,500,000~

Call of Duty Modern Warfare:

If this game had a better ranking system I’d have more to say. This game is really up here since I play it more often than others.


I don’t play as much of this as I watch. Probably my most watched gaming content. Might do more of this later, possibly whenever I start streaming/uploading content.

Video Games Completed:
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Persona 5
The Witcher III – Wild Hunt + DLC’s
Ghost of Tsushima
God of War
Final Fantasy XV

Currently Playing:
Nier Automata
Marvel’s Spider Man
Kingdom Hearts Series
FFX/X-2 HD Remastered
FFXII The Zodiac Age
FFVIII Remastered
Persona 5 Royal